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We want to help you maintain your Waterscape to keep it functioning optimally and looking great!

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Maintaining a Waterscape is super important. Maintenance will vary for each project, feel free to reach out and have a chat to see what is needed for your specific Waterscape.

Maintenance can include:

  • Full clean outs – removing build up and debris
  • Pruning aquatic plants
  • Reintroducing beneficial bacteria
  • Water treatments
  • Water testing
  • Pump servicing or replacing
  • Under water light installation

You can also add:

  • Fish and fish food
  • Aquatic plants packages
  • Aeration systems – For healthy fish

Maintenance packages are available to keep your Waterscape functioning naturally and optimally all year round.

Our maintenance rates – $105 per hour per person excluding GST, plus any additions within your clean out.

Contact us via our Contact Us form. We can run through in full what is needed for your maintenance and any additions you may desire.